Perhaps you’re having to devote valuable internal resources to IT support that could be better applied elsewhere.


Spending more on your IT than you should be?

Don’t know what your IT support is going to cost?

Sick of unexpected IT bills?

Are you concerned you might be spending more on your IT than you should be?


Why Citilink Technology

Our primary aim is to look after all aspects of your IT services to allow you to focus on running your business. We believe in using clear, to-the-point language, avoid techno babble with a clear focus on small to medium businesses in a professional, friendly and honest approach.


We've worked within the IT market for over 30 years and as such like to take a consultative, experienced approach in dealing with my current and new customers and keeping you up to date with the technology market allowing you to understand where new innovations and market trends may or may not fit your business.

Exceptional customer service is at the core of our values and believe the way you deal with clients is as important as the underlying technology we use. With this in mind we believe you will enjoy working together and see us as not just the person who fixes your technology problems but a true IT partner helping you to grow and progress your business.


In a nutshell we provide the following service:

Outstanding 24*7 customer service
A strategic advisor and partner
Proactive management and monitoring
Flexible, no nonsense and no techno babble
For a fixed low price with no hidden costs

Are you struggling to get enough IT resources?

Let’s face it – few companies can claim to have access to all the IT resources they need.

Don’t have enough internal IT resources?

Can’t access the specific skills I need when I need them?

Current supplier isn’t delivering the service I need?

Are you concerned about the impact of an IT failure on your business?

Keeping your systems secure depends on continual vigilance.


Worried about the security of your systems or data?

Got an issue you need to deal with right now?

Concerned about business continuity?

Don’t have – and don’t want an in-house IT department?

Managed Service with 24*7 expert support team will look after your IT support at a surprisingly affordable fixed price per user, so that you can focus on taking care of your business.

We take complete responsibility for our customers IT requirements, provide strategic advice and most importantly, deliver the highest quality customer service.
Our core offering includes:
24/7 support
Data mirroring and off-site backup
Managed email and Archiving
Security and Monitoring
Remote User Access
Disaster recovery and business continuity
Hosted desktop / Cloud Services
Supplier Management
Strategic Account Management

Password Management

Making the most of IT in your business

Using IT to create a more productive working environment


Striking the right balance between cloud and in-house systems for my business

Choosing the right applications, technology and devices for my business

Use It to create a more productive environment

Need predictable and reliable IT costs?

Want to reduce risk to your data and IT assets?


Prefer to 
focus entirely on your core business activities?

Experience worry-free business computing, control IT costs, and get the most out of your IT investments and receive Peace of Mind.

Managed Services are IT services delivered in a defined manner with a predictable expense. Typically, delivered with a remote monitoring and management system that allows us to monitor the health and performance of your IT assets 24/7/365. Which ultimately means that we can perform proactive maintenance efficiently to stabilize your environment, and respond with rapid remote remediation when things go wrong.

Problems we solve with Managed Services - Managed Advantage